Our core business is the Transaudit on-line database. We have spent many years honing this to a world leading condition assessment tool. If you would like a demonstration, please contact and we will happily visit your site as well as arrange access to our demonstration website after establishing your needs. Transaudit have customers with 300+ transformers on their networks right down to 15 transformers on their network. Transaudit customers range from Rail Networks, Public Transport, Industrial Applications, Mills such as Sugar and Pulp & Paper, Renewable Energy and Power Generation. Our on-line database suits all applications, and is easily transportable between countries that use IEC and IEEE standards.  We offer access to world class oil test services through Powerlink Laboratories  who we have used for the last 5 years and cannot fault their NATA accredited service.


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Transaudit also manufacture and sell the Trans-Sample oil sampling couplings, supply disposable breathers with oil free valve and are the Australian & New Zealand agents for the Weidmann Insulogix Hydrogen / Moisture monitors.


We pride ourselves in only providing the best quality equipment to our customers. We have installed over 1000 Trans-Sample couplings  across Australia and New Zealand. Click below for more information.



Transaudit manufacture the Trans-Sample oil sampling coupling from scratch. A hydraulic fail safe coupling modified to suit transformer oils and substation conditions, the Trans-Sample coupling is changing how oil samples are taken.


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