Transaudit is a small reactive engineering company established in 2012 in Australia and 2015 in New Zealand to establish an on-line transformer diagnostic tool that would be available to companies small and large with a focus on precise, accurate and clear transformer diagnostics without a huge price tag attached.


From our Auckland workshop, we support all of New Zealand, and from our crew in Australia based in SA, NSW & WA, we support the rest of Australia and the Pacific Islands.


Transaudit are independent. We have no interest in selling you oil or refurbishing your oil. This gives our customers the peace of mind that our diagnostics and recommendations are non-biased and factual.


We provide minor on-site works such as leak repairs, electrical testing, corrosion control and oil sampling.


Transaudit practices a zero tolerance to drug and alcohol and has a strict regime of QA and safety. Although not qualified by AS4801, our OHS policies are robust and meet our customers highest requirements.


Our motto is "if it isn't safe, don't do it"

Power Generation to industrial

Transaudit operate in many sectors of the power industry from renewable energy, generation, distribution and industrial.


Transaudit excel in rail both AC and DC applications with some of the largest energy users in this sector relying on Transaudit recommendations and expertise to ensure trouble free operation of their most important substation assets.


We have become experts in Wind Farm transformer applications down to inventing sampling devices to remove oil from stubborn applications.


Transaudit identifies poor performing transformers, offers solutions to make them good performing transformers, and provides an engineering service for all things transformer.



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