Transaudit is a small independent electrical engineering  company with offices in Australia and New Zealand and assets in the UK and the USA. with a focus on transformer condition assessment and life expectancy.


How does your current methodology decide which transformer is maintained and exactly what maintenance should be performed? Is it a time based system such as an MMS or an in-house system that every few years produces a work order whether the transformer needs servicing or not? Let Transaudit show that condition based maintenance will save time, money, increase reliability and decrease downtime with our Transaudit On-line Database.


 With this system, even the seasoned engineers are often very surprised by our findings. Time based maintenance can become a thing of the past easily by using Transaudit.


where knowledge is power

Do you need help ensuring your transformer assets are working to their full potential? we offer unbiased comments based on visual inspection, thermography, detailed analysis of the oil and electrical test results, we compare your asset to the 1000's of others in our data base looking for clustering trends, we look at over 80 logic steps in producing estimated life , simply put, a holistic approach to condition assessment


All components are not created equally

"Oils ain't oils",  the key to successful interpretation of dga results. the same applies to each component of the transformer. No two transformers are exactly the same,. the secret to longevity of your most expensive piece of plant in the substation.



it's what we do better than others

It's our belief that the parts of the equipment are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. This belief has led us to success when many others have failed in their assessments.


customer commitment

when you contact transaudit, you will be talking to the same people year after year. there is not much confidence installed with companies who have a high staff turnover. our customers don't need to explain over and over their site issues.


We are simply the best in out field

"I have not seen anything on the market even close to what you guys offer. Everything I need in one place, results, files, analysis..." Alan H


"This Transaudit system has installed confidence in our network stability. The other people who were charging more, providing three lines of less than detailed comments on their reports and with a turn around time of months have a lot to learn. Not only that, but everything else Transaudit offer as a normal service!"... Mark V


Contact Transaudit and let us show you how to increase reliability, decrease costs, lower predictable failure rates to zero and above all, keep the cost of this service to little more than you would pay for a standard DGA sample and test.


+61 407 499 830

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